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We are a boutique consultancy supporting businesses in shaping and exceeding organisation objectives. We do this through strategic planning, designing bespoke management systems and tailored learning and development solutions. Nurturing world-class talent and designing high quality systems is what we do best.

Bridging the gap between people and process. Delivering quintessential solutions




We are experienced in designing and delivering management systems that are tailored to your business, whether you want them to improve process and efficiency of staff, or need them certified to an international standard to meet your customer requirements. We work closely with you to understand your DNA, tailor and implement a system that is right for your business and to meet the requirements should you require ISO certification. Our tailored systems include:


Taking this direction gives a flavour of what Fifth Element can offer within the L&D arena. The course objectives have been explained with live operational issues using our delegates words, barriers and requirements. With a strong understanding of how teams and individuals are motivated and thrive together, we take a practical and common sense approach to learning. Our bespoke programmes include:

Taking this direction gives you an overview of the support Fifth Element can offer your business. Whether you are a global player or small enterprise we have the experience and business acumen to help drive your organisation to the next level – bridging the gap between people and process.


Working with business owners and senior executives, using a fresh approach we will assist you in discovering or bringing in your missing elements to take your business to the next level.

We are experienced in designing and delivering management systems that are tailored to your business.

With clearly defined goals, including missions and visions that are communicated and embedded is just the starting point. We are experienced in designing and delivering management systems that are tailored to your business, whether you want them to improve process and efficiency of staff, or need them certified to an international standard to meet your customer requirements, we can work with you to achieve your business objectives.


We work closely with you to understand your DNA, tailor and implement a system that is right for your business, and to meet the requirements should you require ISO certification. We are also good at avoiding unnecessary duplication across standards. Whether it’s a management system to improve leadership and customer service, to show your stakeholders you are environmentally savvy, or to protect your information assets, we have a solution to meet your needs.


What follows are some typical concerns or questions from our customers – we have delivered and solved their problems and they are now proud owners of embedded and effective systems.


No two organisations are the same, the people that work there are different, think differently, operate and behave differently which makes up an organisations DNA and makes people their biggest asset and most unique selling point.


What follows taking this direction gives a flavour what Fifth Element can offer within the L&D arena. This list is not exhaustive, if there is something you need that you cannot see please use a really old fashion but amazing communication tool…give us a call to discuss.

All our workshops, programmes and coaching are practical and down to earth.

The course objectives have been explained with live operational issues using our delegates words and barriers and requirements from companies we have worked with.


All our workshops, programmes and coaching is practical and down to earth. If it can’t be used in the real world then we don’t use it. We take a practical and common-sense approach to learning. With our expertise and understanding of how businesses work, sales, profit and loss and customer experience along with bundles of creativity and innovation, Fifth Element has worked hard to gain respect and credibility with our clients.


Together, we have over 50 years commercial experience with successful careers across

a range of industries. Our backgrounds include commercial property, recruitment, financial,

insurance, data centres, telecoms, public sector, NHS, leisure and retail luxury brands.

Size doesn’t matter – from start-ups to global giants, our skills and services apply to you all.

Tracy Fitzsimmons
Managing Director

With over 30 years experience within commercial sectors, I am very much in tune with business. Working at board level, I’ve managed large teams in various locations, from customer and client services to business operations and marketing.  For the past six years I’ve worked closely with a team of consultants, crafting proposals, designing and delivering new management systems and presenting. I’m an IRCA qualified auditor for ISO9001 and work with companies on identifying areas for improvement, studying root causes and implementing new solutions.  I constantly challenge myself to look at things differently and raise the bar.


Passionate about work, I bring infectious enthusiasm, steely determination and drive to my projects and my personal aim is always to go above and beyond – to exceed my client’s expectations.  I massively enjoy working with people at all levels, I always welcome a new challenge and like to make a difference in helping companies and individuals to maximise their potential and achieve their goals.


A keen cyclist and runner, I’ve completed the London to Cambridge bike ride, two half-marathons and the London Marathon – raising money for charities is close to my heart.  I’m also a petrol head and speed demon, I love motor sport and took part in the Club 100 Rookies Endurance Championship in 2015, racing in two-stroke 115cc karts with slicks. My family is key to my happiness, keeping me focused on the important things in life.  I work closely with my local community being a Strategy Board Governor for a local Infant and Junior Federation.  I enjoy world travel, embracing the experiences that different cultures and services bring.

Sarah Church
Managing Director

My 28 years experience in business consultancy has well positioned me to support organisations and individuals in achieving their goals in an effective, painless and creative way. Since 2003 I have been delivering learning and development solutions in subjects ranging from sales, business development, marketing, leadership, personal impact, HR and recruitment core competencies. During my journey I have had the pleasure of travelling the world, delivering programmes across a range of cultures – giving lectures, speeches and presentations on various business operational issues. From coaching individuals to facilitating senior leaders I relish connecting with people to engage and empower them to achieve more.


Life can be complicated enough: motivating and inspiring individuals in business shouldn’t be.  That’s why I passionately believe and challenge people to think differently.  Encouraging and guiding people to get the most out of relationships is key to open and assertive conversations.  The old fashion method of talking face to face works wonders in today’s busy world of emails, text and blogs.  In a nutshell – if things don’t go right…go left!


Due to my excess energy as a child I was encouraged from a young age to participate in as many sports as possible (in order to wear me out).  These early experiences left a huge impression and sport has played a major part of my life and probably influenced my competitive nature and helped my successful sales career.   The past has seen me qualifying to teach aerobics and personal training, creating and building a successful swim school for children and adults, charity bike rides and running the London Marathon.  Its fair to say life outside business is usually spent with family and friends participating in some form of sport.  I have a strong and healthy work life balance ethic that keeps my mind fresh and focused.


We get a kick out of helping people and improving organisations. Nothing gives us greater pride

than working with companies and individuals and seeing changes occur in behaviour and efficiencies.

We respect, admire and are inspired by each other, which is why we have formed Fifth Element Solutions.


We work hard, play hard.  From catching waves on our body boards to locking ourselves in a room until the small hours to challenge the next proposal, we always ensure we have fun working together. 


Life is too short not to enjoy what we do and it’s important to us both to work with people we trust and respect. With different skills and great humour, we complement each other’s business elements – we have a unique winning formula. 


With similar personal values and a strong work ethic passed down from our parents we are now on the next exciting journey with our new company Fifth Element.


Well respected in our industries through drive and passion, we always start things with Why? Looking at the big picture we bring creative, logical and practical solutions to this ever-changing crazy world we live in.  Above all, we totally enjoy it.


Management Systems0%


Sales & Negotiation Programmes0%


We work hard with you to understand your organisations
DNA, culture, little quirks, competitors and strengths.  We look at what makes you unique, internal relationships and
issues. Once we are in your circle of trust and any assumptions have been reviewed and clarified, we then start working our magic.

The Fifth Element 5 Step Process


Project launch


Innovation, Design & Development


Pilot & Testing


Implementation & Continual Improvement


Project Review

Bringing a fresh approach we research and design new concepts for our clients to solve their unique problems. We don’t settle for “standard or off the shelf” designs as everyone is different. One size doesn’t fit all, if organisations are investing their time, money and energy in projects the solutions needs to be fit for purpose to exceed goals.

OUR MISSION… Applying common sense, logic and innovation to make our clients more productive, to ensure projects and programmes are delivered on time, within budget and essentialy to the highest possible standard in order to exceed their end goals and expectations.

OUR VISION… To sustain and enjoy life-long business relationships through consistent high performance.

Working only with clients where we can add value and share the same values and work ethics. Laugh and have fun whilst working hard to change the shape of people and organisations.


Countries worked in


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We make it our business to be experts in your business.

Benefits are personal and subjective.

Organisations and individuals invest in us as we are committed to driving change.

We believe in getting the best out of every person we work with and we always deliver.

Decision makers buy from people they know, trust and consistently over perform.

That’s why our pipeline is built on a global platform of repeat business and recommendations.

Here is a flavour of feedback from people we have worked with:


Highly driven and hardworking individuals who go above and beyond to ensure stakeholders and organisations achieve their goals.


Having transparency in projects, programmes and pricing that allows budgets and timelines to be kept under control. More importantly it allows trust to grow.


Assertively able to challenge status quo and guide thinking to stretch individuals for continuous improvement and originality that sets organisations apart from competitors.


An impressive track record of delivering projects and programmes that exceed client objectives and encourages repeat business and other opportunities. People buy from who they trust!


A quirky and creative team that injects energy, passion and humour (sometimes bad jokes!) into their work which infectiously gives motivation and drive to those around them.


Practical down to earth team that is focused on people and helping others – often turning into councillors and coaches. Offering both logical and empathic working relationships that encourages respect and rapport.


With a business model based on recommendations, nothing but continuous professional conduct and results are required. When clients are wowed they refer Fifth Element to others and write testimonials.


Experts in their field that keep abreast of latest theories, technologies and industry updates.

Check out our Partner Network of tried & trusted associates, guaranteed to deliver. 




Looking back at quintessential solutions put forward by team 5E.

Case studies covering all disciplines from team building events, guest speaking

and training programmes to tailored management systems that really highlights

how our rich expertise can steer your business towards a successful future.


Welcome to ‘Bits & Blogs’.  A place where we hope to share inspirational thoughts, industry news, projects we have been working on, in short information. We believe you will find interesting and relevant to the success of your business.

Be sure to bookmark us…


You will find us in the heart of the City’s most exciting business district, close to Liverpool Street and Shoreditch.  Historically, the land upon

which our office stands was used for warehousing raw silks and textiles from India and precious items such as tobacco, oriental carpets, perfumes

and tea!  Today this thriving and energetic environment is home to a variety of businesses, shops, and restaurants, supplying fresh energy and

inspiration every day.  Our location gives us an easy reach to any area in London, not to mention international connections.

So wherever you are, we would love to hear from you, contact us and say hello!


14 New Street, London EC2M 4HE, UK


Tracy: +44 (0)7836 324634
Sarah: +44 (0)7930 483201


14 New Street, London EC2M 4HE, UK


Tracy: +44 (0)7836 324634
Sarah: +44 (0)7930 483201

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