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Hybrid Working Strategy
Creating a hybrid working strategy or policy isn’t as simple and clear cut as it first seems.
Managing Hybrid and Remote Teams
Flexible working is not a new thing. Pre-pandemic, some organisations already had this in place and some managers had experience of managing remote teams.
Free Purple Hippos to all new Customers
Now that would be very unique, different and would make a company stand out from its competitors!
Buzz Words or Presentation/Pitch Outcomes?
Influence, persuade, stand out, wow factor, inspire, show the benefits, motivate, decision making, connecting, engaging, humorous, interesting...
Our Blog Maslow Wellbeing and Feeling out of Sorts
‘Not feeling myself at the moment’, ‘feeling out-of-sorts’ and ‘I’m fine’ (whilst behaviour suggests otherwise) are three common phrases we have heard from friends, family, and clients since March 2020.
Resilience is the ability to cope with the ups and downs and bounce back from challenges. 
Workplace Conflict Management
It is natural for humans to have conflict.