Global Customer Centricity

Adding Value Through Service

Supporting a global organisation to create and embed a customer centric approach to decision making and customer experiences. Working with senior leaders to map customer touchpoints, enhance internal systems and processes to allow the required change in attitude and behaviour to become embedded.

The numbers

130 people

The asset

A leading provider of global navigation solutions supporting over 600 maritime organisations & more than 800 vessels worldwide

The Location



The client aspired to be the global leader renowned for consistently delivering quality solutions and a reliable service, not just based on price. They needed to increase their turnover and profit to prepare for a private sale.

Operationally, there were pockets of excellence, however each country had inconsistent service delivery levels, KPI’s and different internal processes.
They were faced with having to make drastic restructuring decisions in order to future-proof their investment.

As required by their main map supplier, they needed to retain their ISO standards ahead of a certification renewal audit and transition their products from paper-based maps / charts and books to digital solutions.


We worked closely with the senior leadership team to develop the global goals, behavioural blueprints and the desired organisational reputation aims.
We completed a GAP Analysis on the induction and recruitment process and the Singapore Quality Management System.

We designed and delivered a high-energy emotionally intelligent face-to-face induction and onboarding training programme for 130 people across Greece and Singapore.

We implemented creative problem solving to enhance customer delivery and process improvements.

We visited the Head Office in England to carry out interviews and gather intelligence on the existing systems and global objectives.

In Singapore we interviewed staff, assessing risks, improving processes and supporting the team with new initiatives to work smarter.

We completed internal audits in Singapore on their internal processes and the ISO9001 standard requirements with a clear plan of actions to fully prepare them ahead of their external accredited certification audit.


As a result of the training, mindsets were more positive, and people felt more empowered to take on their new role challenges and competitors.

Customer-centric consultative thinking encouraged qualitative conversations. This deeper customer knowledge encouraged a secure growth of margins. This was essential for Greece who were at the time operating in a recession.

Attrition rates reduced and there were increases in both revenue margins and customer retained solutions. This offered more financial security and an increase in cashflow.

Having reviewed all customer touchpoints, the team were able to build stronger relationships with their supply partners and collaborate to exceed expectations. This encouraged greater customer loyalty and trust.

Singapore’s quality system and process improvements allowed teams to be fully engaged and more dynamic, seeing the immediate benefits and becoming more efficient. All teams embraced their internal audit results and improvement recommendations. They went on to pass their external accredited certification audit with flying colours.

The company was successfully acquired in 2019.


Reduced attrition rates; positive & empowered teams.


Singapore passed their external ISO9001 Accredited Certification.


Increase in revenue margins; financial security with retained solutions. Successful acquisition in 2019.

Tracy is the best - hard working, attention to detail and knowledgable. She makes 100% sure she understands what you need then is systematic in delivering it. No hesitation in recommending her. I wish there were more Tracys about.
Mike Hatt

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